A Merry, Merry Month

arthur camelot guenevere lancelot may pellinore sixth street May 01, 2023

By Paul Roberts

I often feel that the official start to my day is that point in my morning routine when, after taking Cleo outside, starting the coffee and feeding the bunnies, I sit down with a warm cuppa joe in one hand, a pen in the other, my journal in my lap, and I write down today’s date at the top of my page. That makes my day begin. Today I wrote 5/1/23.

“It’s May, it’s May, the merry month of May.” Strange, how scribbling some numbers onto a piece of paper can start a chain reaction of thought that leads to…well, let me see if I can recount how the conversation with myself went…

“That’s Camelot, isn’t it? Guenevere sings it, I think.”

“Keep writing. Finish your Sowing Seeds journal before reaching for your computer.”

“But it will only take a minute. And it may lead to a blog topic. I just need enough time to find out if I’m right…let’s see…Camelot song list…here it is…Overture…I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight…love that song…what merriment the king is doing tonight…Sixth Street should do Camelot…I’m not too old to play Arthur…Carol can play Guenevere, Kevin can come up and play King Pellinore like he did in in high school…”

“You said you’d only be a minute.”

“Okay, okay, just give me a second...the merry month of May…wait…is that right?…Guenevere sings about the lusty month of May?...really?...hang on…the…lusty…month…of…May…lyrics…well, I’ll be…


Tra la, it's May, the lusty month of May

That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray

Tra la, it's here, that shocking time of year

When tons of wicked little thoughts merrily appear

It's May, it's May, that gorgeous holiday

When every maiden prays that her lad will be a cad

It's mad, it's gay, a libelous display

Those dreary vows that everyone takes

Everyone breaks

Everyone makes divine mistakes

The lusty month of May…hm…didn’t know I could sing it that well.”


“Are you going to write in your journal now?”

“Yeah, yeah get off my case…oh, wait…C’est Moi!...I could be Lancelot and sing C’est Moi! Then Carol could sing about the lusty month of May all she wants…no, no, I want to be Arthur, then I can sing How to Handle a Woman…mark me well, when I tell you, sir…and we could both sing What Do the Simple Folk Do…fun duet…

“The simple folk write in their journals first thing in the morning and don’t sit around singing half of the tunes from Broadway musicals! Have you looked at the clock?”

“Kind of wasted my morning, didn’t I.”


“Well…I was taken by surprise by a pair of roguish eyes, in the merry merry month of May…hey…what song is that?”


Share some of your thoughts about the merry, merry month of May. Or any other month you might choose.

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