Creative Times Ahead

day retreats for adults grow me a story garden music in the park summer kids camps wallace blues festival May 24, 2023

By Carol Woolum Roberts

This summer is turning out to be filled with lots of creativity.

I love this time of year, approaching Memorial Day Weekend, when I start planting flowers, and starting seeds, and getting our “Grow Me A Story Garden” back in shape after a long, snowy winter.

Our backyard is filled with different garden themes, and it is time to get things in order.

The poppies are about to bloom in the Wizard of Oz Garden.

The Portkeys are waiting to be filled with flowers in the Harry Potter Garden.

The white flowers have been planted in the Goodnight Moon Garden.  I still need to get my friend Steve to create a metal moon to place at the top of the trellis for that garden.

I need to get the Queen of Hearts petunias, as well as other flowers planted in the Alice in Wonderland Garden.

Owl’s House in the Winnie the Pooh Garden needs repaired.

And we need to put finishing touches on the Prayer Garden we started last summer.

Beside our work in the gardens, we also have some events happening throughout the summer.

Then Paul and I will be hosting some “Grow Your Creativity” summer camps for kids throughout the summer, as well as Day Retreats for Adults in our backyard.  (Click here if you want information for the summer camps, or the day retreats). 

We have a few performances throughout the summer as well. In July we will perform with a group from the Sixth Street Melodrama at the Wallace Blues Festival.  Then in August Paul and I and some friends will be performing in August as one of the acts in the Music in the Park series at Kellogg City Park.

Kellogg High School is having an All Class Reunion in July that Paul and I are helping with by helping host the Teacher/Staff Reception, sing at the opening ceremony, be in the KHS Alumni Choir, and give tours of Kellogg High School.

Early in September, we are helping create a Murder Mystery dinner event for the Silver Valley Chamber of Commerce where we will do some writing and performing.

My book group will also be hosting a valley-wide Novel Tea Party for other people in the valley who belong to book groups. 

Plus, Paul and I continue to write on our books, do some things with our Sacred Community Garden members, and continue with our students after school through mid-June.

Oh, and I celebrate my 60th birthday this summer, too!!  This may be a summer-long celebration, if I get my way.

It is going to be a great summer full of family, friends, fun…and lots of creativity!!


What creative things are you planning this summer?

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