grow me a story national poetry month Apr 24, 2023

By Paul Roberts



Some say love is secret, shared but with one

A hidden and private affair.

               But when love is a word that comes from above

Then love is what we long to share. 


This love is not alone for me;

It lives, and drives, my heart in tow,

              Shares space with other loves I feel 

              And moves my heart with joy and woe,

It follows before, stays after I go. 


Ever I see Created love 

that seems to fly on dovish wings 

              and brings me new 

              unvarnished things; 

              with its inchoate and uncommon tongue 

Paid quotidian visits when I was young; 

Now urges me sing my song unsung.  


I was surprised when I could see 

the everlasting Word 

              could be a terror and a truth to me; 

              a story that was new and old, full of 

              joy and sorrow, some part untold 

              by the best of epics, a kingdom rich, but

bringing fear and nightmares thick 

with cloying words, memories gone, 

              memories back, 

vivid visions, and dreams turned black. 


The tales of youth that shaped my soul

and bent my head 

in search of my whole 

story of life.

Best to follow a path  

to see if this love I have 

will last into a place and time I cannot be;  

the couplets, the stories the chapters can see, 

If written by a lifetime 

the question will be

Does the Word alone live in my soul, 

or do angels and demons dwell as well?

In tongues alone the Truth will tell. 


Have you accepted the challenge of National Poetry Month? Wonderful! Don’t stop now. Keep writing, and find a safe place to share (Hint: #growmeastory might be a good place to be you).

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