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  • Are you currently working on a creative project, but don't know what to do next?

  • Do you want to start a new project, but don't know how?

  • Do you need someone to talk to about your project?  Someone to give you feedback and tools to get your creativity back on track?


We are Paul and Carol, your Creativity Cultivators, and we are here to share tools with you to help you live a more creative life.


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Creativity Cultivators 

As Creativity Cultivators, Paul and Carol will help you till your creative soil by providing tools and resources to water and fertilize the seeds of creativity within. As your inner soil becomes rich and organic, Paul and Carol provide guidance as you tend your creativity, nurture your stories, and watch your dreams grow, bloom and flourish.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a virtual community for those seeking to deepen the joy and meaning that come from practicing the art of creative living.

Your Creativity Matters

Everyone is creative, and their creativity matters.  We are here to help you develop some tools to make it possible to create and put that creation out in the world.

Vicki M.

Carol is the perfect facilitator for the Artist's Way.  She takes something that could be intimidating and makes everyone feel immediately at ease.  She invites participation but never pressures.  She shares freely her own thoughts and insight while encouraging others to share theirs.  She leads the group with a genuine artist's spirit and value of the creative process, along with vulnerability, humor, caring, and fun. 

Christy W.

Being a part of the Grow Me a Story Creative Community has provided just the inspiration and structure I needed to get back to writing on an ongoing basis. It has also given me a gentle nudge into exploring creativity in my life. The Zoom class with The Artist's Way book and the support from the Creative Community is just what I have needed to change the focus of my creative life.

April L.

I recently participated in a 12-week Artist’s Way gathering led by Carol.  She created an environment in which everyone felt safe, felt heard, felt appreciated.  Ideas and dialogue flowed easily, and unique perspectives were freely shared and explored.  It was one of the most enriching small group experiences I have ever had, with the added benefit of all six members becoming close friends at the end. 

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There are five ways we focus to help you cultivate the creative life.  

Sowing Seeds

Free write three pages of stream of consciousness in longhand for your eyes only.  This helps you stop the negative thinking and resistance that stops you from creating.  It also helps you find your authentic self and find inspiration for future creative endeavors.

Creative Rendezvous

Take yourself on a fun and playful outing each week.  A one to two hour outing all by yourself.  This is to provide inspiration.  This can be done in your home or outside your home.  The main goal is to have fun.

Weekly Awareness

Take as least twenty minutes each week, by yourself, to become aware of what is happening around you.  This can happen by sitting near a window and watching the world outside.  You can take a solo walk and look around at what is going on around you.  Use all five senses to take in the world around you.  Think about what you experienced.


The Creator Connection

Be open to connecting with The Creator, God, the spiritual side of creativity.  The Creator of the Universe wants to connect with you and birth a creation through you.  But you need to stop and listen and let the work be created.


Creative Community

Find or form a group of fellow creatives to meet with on a regular basis for encouragement.