Day Retreats in the Garden

Summer 2023

Take a day out for yourself and come to the

Grow Me A Story Garden

for a day of creativity.

One more retreat will be offered this summer.

  • Create Quiet and/or an Art Experience

With your Creativity Cultivators: Paul and Carol Woolum Roberts

In the summer of 2023, one more retreats will be offered for ages 18 and above.


Tuesday, September 12th--Create Quiet and/or Create an Art Experience


The retreat will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Limited to 10 people a session

Cost: $50 a person


Grow Me A Story Garden

7 Diamond Street

Kellogg, Idaho

Create Quiet and/or Create an Art Experience

Tuesday, September 12

Life is noisy.  Sometimes we don't know how to slow down and be quiet.  During this retreat, Paul and Carol will share some prayer practices that help quiet the mind, soul and spirit and help us listen to the quiet and connect with The Creator. 

And/or Create an Art Experience

Sometimes we just need to be given supplies, a blank page, canvas or project, and see what we can create.  Come join Paul and Carol for a day of creating, creative conversation, and time in the garden.

If you would like to attend, please contact Paul and Carol by emailing [email protected].  

Payment can be received the day of the retreat by cash or check.