Balancing Act

arsenic and old lace grow me a story sixth street melodrama and theater Sep 18, 2023

By Paul Roberts

I know that we don’t transition to a new season until this weekend - does autumn start Friday, September 22nd, 11:50 pm PDT, or Saturday the 23rd? - but I start a new season today, Monday, September 18. From now until the opening night for Arsenic and Old Lace on November 3rd, I am scheduled almost every Monday through Thursday night for a two hour rehearsal for the classic comedy. You can go to if you would like to purchase tickets for the show.

Last week Carol and I were doing a bit of a home retreat: fasting, praying, recharging, and listening to our Creator. I went into the week with the thought of deciding how to cut back on our busy schedule. I came out of the week with the realization that, when I, as the director of Arsenic, jokingly tell my cast your life is mine for the next 10 weeks, it’s because that’s how it can feel when I am directing or acting in a play. It’s a good thing I love doing live theater, isn’t it.

Meanwhile, after school classes with our young students start this week, and we are in preparation for doing an Artist in Residence program at Mullan Elementary. In many ways Carol is the director for those two facets of our creative lives, so I know where her energy is heading.

What happened to figuring out how to cut back our busy schedule? I’m not really sure.

This balancing act called life gets tricky at times. All the more reason to make sure I stay in touch with my Creator and the creative community members that have been placed in my life. If you are reading this, I am talking about you. Thanks for your friendship and love, thanks for pursuing your own creativity, thanks for being with us as a part of Grow Me Story. Your positive feedback over the last few years has helped Carol and I continue to enjoy this highwire balancing act we keep walking.

And besides reading our blogs, listening to our podcast, being subscribers to Grow Me a Story, and attending our retreats, you can help out by making plans now to come and see us at Sixth Street in November, before this season comes to an end.


What new things does the new autumn season bring to your life? Send us a note and let us know.

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