From Lamenting to Lauding

bible creative community creative rendezvous creator connection lamenting lauding psalm 8:3-4 sowing seeds weekly awareness Nov 02, 2022

By Carol Woolum Roberts

I spent time in my Sowing Seeds journal Wednesday morning, lamenting about my life. 


That is a rather Biblical term, isn’t it?

What exactly does it mean?

For my purposes, this is the definition I identify with in my writing today.

Lament:  to regret strongly

Lots of stream of consciousness regrets in my writing this morning. Maybe it is the change in weather.  Maybe it is the shortening of the days.  Whatever the cause, I am experiencing it.

When Paul and I share about our Sowing Seed pages, we explain how they are a good way to get your focus back on track.  To replace the negative “censor” voice we hear in our head with the truer, affirming voice.  To stop the resistance right away and shift focus to “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”  (this truly is Biblical.  Check out Philippians 4:8).

For my last birthday, my daughter Zoe gave me a special kind of Bible.  It is called “Beautiful Word Coloring Bible”.  It sat on my shelf since July, just waiting for the right time to be opened and used.  Last week I decided to incorporate this Bible in my morning devotion time.  This Bible is like an Adult coloring book. Throughout the pages, they took popular verses and put them on the pages so they can be colored. (See blog photo as an example.)

I decided to start with the Psalms.  The verse I colored today was Psalm 8:3-4 that says:

“When I consider your Heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?”

The morning ended up being a creative exercise.

I sowed seeds.

I spent time being aware of how I was feeling. I needed an attitude shift.

The coloring of the page was a short Creative Rendezvous.

I connected with the Creator by reading God’s words of affirmation, turning my earlier lamenting to lauding (another Biblical term) the Creator of the Heavens, who transforms my mind through His Word.

Finally, I am sharing my experience with my Creative Community, hoping to get engagement on what I shared.

Just one little shift, and my spirit feels better than it did when I started writing this morning.

This morning was a reminder of why I need the morning journaling time, and the morning time reading my Bible.  For me, that is a combination that works to get me started each day in the right direction.



Have you ever experienced a change in perspective, going from lamenting to lauding, by using one or more of the tools we share about living a creative life?  Share with us your experience.

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