I Finally Got My Hands in the Dirt

day retreats in the garden dirt flowers gardening grow me a story garden planting vegetables Jun 06, 2024

By Carol Woolum Roberts

It finally happened!!

I plunged my hands in the dirt and got a few things planted yesterday. 

A trip to two nurseries to buy plants with my sister last Saturday helped.

A quick stop at Walmart to buy a few plants helped as well.

And having a sunny day also helped.

A call from my daughter Zoe being excited about her radish harvest!

Watching my friend Mallorie do some work in her garden helped.

Seeing my sister Christy report on her garden work helped, too.

All my tomato plants are planted in their pots, as well as two Jalapeno plants.

All my white flowers are now planted in the Moon Garden.

I bought some impatiens, and they are now in their shady spot in one of the bathtubs in the backyard.

Today I hope to get my vegetable seeds planted.  Peas, Beets, Radishes, Pole Beans, Kale, Swiss Chard, Lettuce and Carrots.

I also have flower seeds and some flower plants to put in pots.

All in good time.

But the important thing is, I started!!

Soon it will be ready for our upcoming Adult Day Retreats in our Grow Me A Story Garden.

The flowers help create the welcoming atmosphere for our retreat participants each summer.

Have you heard about these wonderful retreats we have in our backyard?

You should click on the link below and come spend a day getting yourself centered, calm and relaxed in some different, creative ways.


We offer five different retreats throughout the summer.

The retreats will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in our backyard here in Kellogg.

Limited to 10 people a session

Cost: $50 a person

We have two retreats that Create QuietThese will be Tuesday, June 18th and Thursday, September 12th.

Life is noisy.  Sometimes we don't know how to slow down and be quiet.  During this retreat, Paul and Carol will share some prayer practices that help quiet the mind, soul and spirit and help us listen to the quiet and connect with The Creator. 

On Monday July 29th we have Create Stories.

We all have our story to tell.  Often we think we need to be a good writer to tell that story.  Stories can be told in many ways, such as video, audio, painting, music or speaking...the possibilities are endless.  Paul and Carol will show different ways your story can be told, and help you choose the right way to share your story. And then get started.

Create an Art Experience will be held on Monday, August 5th.

Sometimes we just need to be given supplies, a blank page, canvas or project, and see what we can create.  Come join Paul and Carol for a day of creating, creative conversation, and time in the garden.

Our newest retreat this summer is Create Play on Thursday, August 22nd.

As adults, we often forget how to let go and play.

This retreat will provide the opportunity to play with art supplies, creative projects, flowers, food and movement. Or create your own play experience.

Come join Paul and Carol for a day of having fun and enjoying play in the garden.

We have enjoyed our retreats these past two summers, and anticipate another great summer of wonderful gatherings in our backyard.  Would you like to join us?  Do you have a friend who you think might be interested?  Share this information with them!!


 Have you finally taken the plunge and started working on your garden?  How does it make you feel?

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